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Selected Publications

  • B. Bauer, L.D. Carr, A. Feiguin, J. Freire, S. Fuchs, L. Gamper, J. Gukelberger, E. Gull, S. Guertler, A. Hehn, R. Igarashi, S.V. Isakov, D. Koop, P.N. Ma, P. Mates, H. Matsuo, O. Parcollet, G. Pawlowski, J.D. Picon, L. Pollet, E. Santos, V.W. Scarola, U. Schollwock, C. Silva, B. Surer, S. Todo, S. Trebst, M. Troyer, M.L. Wall, P. Werner and S. Wessel
    The ALPS project release 2.0: Open source software for strongly correlated systems
    J. Stat. Mech., P05001 (2011)
  • P. Buergisser, M. Christandl and C. Ikenmeyer
    Nonvanishing Kronecker coeffcients for rectangular shapes
    Adv. Math. 227, 2082 (2011)
  • P. Buergisser, M. Christandl and C. Ikenmeyer
    Even partitions in plethysms
    J. Algebra 328, 322 (2011)
  • J. Fry, S. Colombi, P. Fosalba, A. Balaraman, I. Szapudi and R. Teyssier
    Cell count moments in the halo model
    MNRAS 415, 153 (2011)
  • M.R. Gaberdiel and R. Gopakumar
    An AdS3 Dual for Minimal Model CFTs
    Phys. Rev. D83, 066007 (2011)
  • D. Koop, E. Santos, P. Mates, H.T. Vo, P. Bonnet, B. Bauer, B. Surer, M. Troyer,D.N. Williams, J.E. Tohline, J. Freire and C.T. Silva
    A Provenance-Based Infrastructure for Creating Executable Papers
    Procedia Computer Science 4, 648 (2011)
  • A.W.W. Ludwig, D. Poilblanc, S. Trebst and M. Troyer
    Two-dimensional quantum liquids from interacting non-Abelian anyons
    New J. Phys. 13, 045014 (2011) 
  • D. Poilblanc, A.W.W. Ludwig, S. Trebst and M. Troyer
    Quantum spin ladders of non-Abelian anyons
    Phys. Rev. B 83, 134439 (2011)
  • M.V. Suslov, G.B. Lesovik and G. Blatter
    Quantum abacus for counting and factorizing numbers
    Phys. Rev. A 83, 052317 (2011)
  • Y. Yanase and M. Sigrist
    Magnetic structure of the antiferromagnetic FuldeFerrellLarkinOvchinnikov state
    J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 23, 094219 (2011)
  • Y. Yanase and M. Sigrist
    Ginzburg-Landau Analysis for the Antiferromagnetic Order in the Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov Superconductor
    J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 80, 094702 (2011)
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