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Selected Publications

  • O. Agertz, G. Lake, R. Teyssier, B. Moore, L. Mayer and A.B. Romeo
    Large-scale galactic turbulence: can self-gravity drive the observed HI velocity dispersions?
    MNRAS 392, 294 (2009)
  • O. Agertz, R. Teyssier and B. Moore
    Disc formation and the origin of clumpy galaxies at high redshift
    MNRAS 397, L64 (2009)
  • D.F. Agterberg, M. Sigrist and H. Tsunetsugu
    Order parameter and vortices in the superconducting Q-phase of CeCoIn5
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 207004 (2009)
  • V. Ahrens, T. Becher, M. Neubert, L.L. Yang
    Renormalization-group improved prediction for Higgs production at hadron colliders
    Eur. Phys. J. C62, 333 (2009)
  • C. Anastasiou, R. Boughezal and F. Petriello
    Mixed QCD-electroweak corrections to Higgs boson production in gluon fusion
    JHEP 0904, 003 (2009)
  • C. Anastasiou, A. Brandhuber, P. Heslop, V.V. Khoze, B. Spence and G. Travaglini
    Two-loop polygon Wilson loops in N=4 SYM
    JHEP 0905, 115 (2009)
  • C. Anastasiou, G. Dissertori, M. Grazzini, F. Stockli and B.R. Webber
    Perturbative QCD effects and the search for a H->WW->l nu l nu signal at the Tevatron
    JHEP 0908, 099 (2009)
  • E. Athanassoula, F.-S. Ling, E. Nezri and R. Teyssier
    Gamma ray and neutrinos fluxes from a cosmological dark matter simulation
    Astroparticle Physics 31, 37 (2009)
  • J.E. Avron, M. Fraas, G.M. Graf, P. Grech
    Landau-Zener tunneling for dephasing Lindblad evolutions
  • M. Beneke, T. Huber, X.Q. Li
    Two-loop QCD correction to differential semi-leptonic b - > u decays in the shape-function region
    Nucl. Phys. B 811, 77 (2009)
  • M. Beneke, P. Ruiz-Femenia, M. Spinrath
    Higgs couplings in the MSSM at large tan(beta)
    JHEP 0901, 031 (2009)
  • M. Beneke, L. Vernazza
    B -> _cJ K decays revisited
    Nucl. Phys. B 811, 155 (2009)
  • A.C. Boley, G. Lake, J. Read and R. Teyssier
    Resolving globular cluster formation within a cosmological context
    Accepted for publication in ApJL
  • R. Boughezal, A. Gehrmann-De Ridder, M. Ritzmann
    NNLO antenna subtraction with two hadronic initial states
    RADCOR 2009
  • G. Braeunlich, G.M. Graf, G. Ortelli
    Equivalence of topological and scattering approaches to quantum pumping
    to appear in Comm. Math. Phys.
  • A. Dekel, Y. Birnboim, G. Engel, J. Freundlich, T. Goerdt, M. Mumcuoglu, E. Neistein, C. Pichon, R. Teyssier and E. Zinger
    Cold streams in early massive hot haloes as the main mode of galaxy formation
    Nature 457, 451-454 (2009)
  • W. De Roeck, J. Froehlich
    Diffusion of a massive quantum particle coupled to a quasi-free thermal medium in dimension d≤4
  • W. De Roeck, J. Froehlich, A. Pizzo
    Quantum Brownian Motion in a Simple Model System
    to appear in CMP
  • G. Dissertori, A. Gehrmann-De Ridder, T. Gehrmann, E.W.N. Glover, G. Heinich, G. Luisoni and H. Stenzel
    Determination of the strong coupling constant using matched NNLO+NLLA predictions for hadronic event shapes in e+e- annihilations
    JHEP 0908:036, 2009
  • Y. Dubois and R. Teyssier
    Magnetised winds in dwarf galaxies
    accepted for publication in A&A
  • W. Ehrenfeld, A. Freitas, A. Landwehr and D. Wyler
    Distinguishing spins in decay chains with photons at the Large Hadron Collider
    JHEP 0907,056(2009)
  • R.K. Ellis, W.T. Giele, Z. Kunszt, K. Melnikov
    Masses, fermions and generalized D-dimensional unitarity
    Nucl. Phys. B 822, 270 (2009)
  • R. K. Ellis, K. Melnikov and G. Zanderighi
    Generalized unitarity at work: first NLO QCD results for hadronic W+3jet production
    JHEP 0904, 077 (2009)
  • R.K. Ellis, W.T. Giele, Z. Kunszt, K. Melnikov and G. Zanderighi
    One-loop amplitudes for W+3 jet production in hadron collisions
    JHEP 0901, 012 (2009)
  • Ph. de Forcrand, A. Kurkela and M. Panero
    The phase diagram of Yang-Mills theory with a compact extra dimension
  • A. Freitas, P. Schwaller and D. Wyler
    A Little Higgs Model with Exact Dark Matter Parity
    JHEP 0912,27
  • A. Freitas, F.D. Steffen, N. Tajuddin and D. Wyler
    Upper Limits on the Peccei-Quinn Scale and on the Reheating Temperature in Axino Dark Matter Scenarios
    Phys. Lett B 679, 270-277
  • A. Freitas, F.D. Steffen, N. Tajuddin and D. Wyler
    Late Energy Injection and Cosmological Constraints in Axino Dark Matter Scenarios
    Phys. Lett B 682, 193-199
  • J. Froehlich, M. Griesemer, I.M. Sigal
    Spectral Renormalization Group
    Rev. Math. Phys. 21:511-548 (2009)
  • J. Fröhlich and A. Pizzo
    Renormalized Electron Mass in Nonrelativistic QED
    Commun. Math. Phys. 294:439-470
  • M.R. Gaberdiel, T. Gannon 
    Zhu's algebra, the C2 algebra, and twisted modules
    Contemporary Mathematics, Vol. 497, 65 (2009)
  • M.R. Gaberdiel, I. Runkel and S. Wood
    Fusion rules and boundary conditions in the c=0 triplet model
    J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 42, 325403 (2009)
  • C. Gay, C. Pichon, D. Le Borgne, R. Teyssier, T. Sousbie and J. Devriendt
    On the filamentary environment of galaxies
    accepted for publication in MNRAS
  • A. Gehrmann-De Ridder, T. Gehrmann, E.W.N. Glover and G. Heinrich
    NNLO moments of event shapes in e+e- annihilation
    JHEP 0905:106 (2009)
  • U. Gerber, C.P. Hofmann, F.-J. Jiang, M. Nyfeler and U.-J. Wiese
    Constraint effective potential of the staggered magnetization in an antiferromagnet
    J. Stat. Mech P03021 (2009)
  • B.K. Gibson, S. Courty, P. Sanchez-Blazquez, R. Teyssier, E.L. House, C.B. Brook and D. Kawata
    Hydrodynamical adaptive mesh refinement simulations of disk galaxies
    IAU Symposium 54,445,2009
  • T. Guillet, R. Teyssier and S. Colombi
    The effect of baryons on the variance and the skewness of the mass distribution in the universe at small scales
    accepted for publication in MNRAS
  • V. Gurarie, L. Pollet, N.V. Prokof'ev, B.V. Svistunov and M. Troyer
    Phase diagram of the disordered Bose-Hubbard model
    Phys. Rev. B 80, 214519 (2009)
  • F. Hassler, B. Kueng, G.B. Lesovik and G. Blatter
    Single-particle excitations generated by voltage pulses
    AIP Conference Proceedings 1134, 113 (2009)
  • M. Henneaux, E. Jamsin, A. Kleinschmidt, D. Persson 
    On the E10/Massive IIA correspondence
    Phys. Rev. D 79, 045008 (2009)
  • F.-J. Jiang, F. Kaempfer, C.P. Hofmann and U.-J. Wiese
    Systematic effective field theory investigation of spiral phases in hole-doped antiferromagnets on the honeycomb lattice
    Eur. Phys. J. 69, 473 (2009)
  • A.V. Lebedev, G.B. Lesovik and G. Blatter
    Statistics of radiation emitted from a quantum point contact
  • D. Lundholm
    Weighted supermembrane toy model
    to appear in Lett. Math. Phys.
  • M. Martig, F. Bournaud and R. Teyssier
    Numerical simulations of galaxy evolution in cosmological context
    IAU Symposium 254, 429 (2009)
  • M. Martig, F. Bournaud, R. Teyssier and A. Dekel
    Morphological quenching of star formation: making early-type galaxies red
    Astrophysical Journal 707, 250-267 (2009)
  • B. Normand
    Frontiers in Frustrated Magnetism
    Contemporary Physics 50, 4, 533-552 (2009)
  • M. Pepe and U.-J. Wiese
    From decay to complete breaking: pulling the strings in SU(2) Yang-Mills theory
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 191601 (2009)
  • C. Pichon, E. Thiebaut, S. Prunet, K. Benabed, S. Colombi, T. Sousbie and R. Teyssier
    ASKI: full-sky lensing map making algorithms
    accepted for publication to MNRAS
  • S. Pilati, S. Giorgini and N. Prokof'ev
    Superfluid transition in a Bose gas with correlated disorder
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 150402 (2009)
  • S. Pires, J.-L. Starck, A. Amara, R. Teyssier, A. Refregier and J. Fadili
    FASTLens (FAst STatistics for weak Lensing) : Fast method for Weak Lensing Statistics and map making
    MNRAS 395, 1265 (2009) 
  • S. Pires, J.-L. Starck, A. Amara, A. Refregier and R. Teyssier
    Cosmological models discrimination with weak lensing
  • L. Pollet, N.V. Prokof'ev, B.V. Svistunov and M. Troyer
    Absence of a direct superfluid to Mott insulator transition in disordered Bose systems
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 140402 (2009)
  • D. Pomarde, Y. Fidaali and R. Teyssier
    A visual insight into the horizon simulation at MareNostrum
    Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series 406, 317 (2009)
  • S.G. Soeyler, B. Capogrosso-Sansone, N.V. Prokof'ev and B.V. Svistunov
    Sign-alternating interaction mediated by strongly-correlated lattice bosons
    New J. Phys. 11, 073036 (2009)
  • S.G. Soeyler, A.B. Kuklov, L. Pollet, N.V. Prokof'ev and B.V. Svistunov
    Superclimb of Dislocations and the Anomalous Isochoric Compressibility of Solid He4
    Phys.Rev.Lett. 175301(2009)
  • J. Stadel, D. Potter, B. Moore, J. Diemand, P. Madau, M. Zemp, M. Kuhlen, V. Quilis
    Quantifying the heart of darkness with GHALO - a multi-billion particle simulation of our galactic halo
    MNRAS 398, 21 (2009)
  • R. Teyssier, S. Pires, S. Prunet, D. Aubert, C. Pichon, A. Amara, K. Benabed, S. Colombi, A. Refregier and J.-L. Starck
    Full-sky weak lensing simulation with 70 billion particles
    Astronomy and Astrophysics 497, 335(2009)
  • B. Thielemann, Ch. Ruegg, H.M. Rnnow, A.M. Laeuchli, J.-S. Caux, B. Normand, D. Biner, K.W. Kraemer, H.-U. Guedel, J. Stahn, K. Habicht, K. Kiefer, M. Boehm, D.F. McMorrow, and J. Mesot
    Direct observation of magnon fractionalization in the quantum spin ladder
    Phys.Rev.Lett.102,107204 (2009)
  • K. Wakabayashi, Y. Takane, M. Yamamoto and M. Sigrist
    Edge effect on electronic transport properties of graphene nanoribbons and presence of perfectly conducting channel
    Carbon 47, 124 (2009)
  • K. Wakabayashi, Y. Takane, M. Yamamoto, M. Sigrist
    Electronic transport properties of graphene nanoribbons
    New J. Phys. 11 (2009)
  • Y. Yanase and M. Sigrist
    Antiferromagnetic Order and pi-Triplet Pairing in the Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov State
    J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 78, 114715
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