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Proposals may be submitted both for workshops and for lecture.

Workshops can range from quite large conferences to small meetings focused on a rather specific topic.

Lecture courses may be intensive block courses that last only for a few days, or consist of weekly lectures that run throughout a whole semester, or involve anything in between.

The Pauli Center funds activities that take place in the greater Zurich area. In addition to financial support the Pauli Center provides the infrastructure (i.e. meeting rooms and offices) as well as some administrative support for the organisation of the activity.

Each year there are two submission dates for proposals, 15 January and 20 August.

Any proposal should always consist of the following:

  1. A description of the general area to which the topic of the program or workshop belongs.
  2. A description of the aim of the activity, as well as what is being planned in detail. (In particular, this should specify when the activity should take place, how long it should last, etc.)
  3. The list of organisers.
  4. A list of expected/possible participants.
  5. A rough estimate of the costs to the Pauli Center, other sources of funding, etc.

The total length of a proposal should not exceed 2 pages.

Proposals can be submitted by individuals or groups of scientists, involving at least one professor from Switzerland. Proposals should be sent to the member of the local management board whose academic interests are closest to the proposed activity.

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