Workshop on Open Systems: Non-Equilibrium Phenomena - Dissipation, Decoherence, Transport

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8–12 June 2009

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The meeting will take place in the lecture theater F3 in the HG building down in the centre of Zürich.


More information about the program can be found here. (PDF, 634 KB)

Juerg Fröhlich and Gian Michele Graf will host a workshop on dissipation, decoherence, entropy production and transport phenomena in open (quantum) systems. This is presently a very active research topic in mathematical physics, and methods and results uncovered in this area tend to be of interest and relevance for other areas such as quantum information theory and mesoscopic physics, too. Typical problems concern particle- and heat transport between reservoirs at different temperatures and chemical potentials joined through wires, cavities or quantum dots, charge and current fluctuations, entropy production, etc. One is also interested in studying the creation of entanglement, decoherence and other related phenomena. Other problems concern the analysis of the long-time characteristics of the motion of a quantum particle under the influence of a random potential or interacting with a heat bath of black-body radiation or some other quantum gas ("quantum Brownian motion"); the derivation of the Boltzmann Equation for interacting quantum gases in the Boltzmann-Grad limit; the approach to local equilibrium in macroscopic systems at finite particle- and energy density, etc.


Juerg Fröhlich, Gian-Michele Graf


Among invited speakers are the following colleagues:

  • Walid Abou Salem
  • Joseph Avron
  • Volker Bach
  • Sven Bachmann
  • Wojciech De Roeck
  • Stephan De Bièvre
  • Jan Derezinski
  • Detlef Duerr
  • Jean-Pierre Eckmann
  • Luigi Galgani
  • Giovanni Gallavotti
  • Antoine Gerschenfeld
  • George Hagedorn
  • Gianni Jona-Lasinio
  • Alain Joye
  • Israel Klich
  • Antti Kupiainen
  • Claudio Landim
  • Gordey Lesovik
  • Christian Maes
  • Marco Merkli
  • Hans Christian Oettinger
  • Claude-Alain Pillet
  • Mario Pulvirenti
  • David Ruelle
  • Tomohiro Sasamoto
  • Jeffrey Schenker
  • Benjamin Schlein
  • Robert Schrader
  • Israel Michael Sigal
  • Thomas Spencer
  • Herbert Spohn
  • Alessandro Teta
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